Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

We don’t just limit our services to fixing your computers. We make an effort to understand the workings of your business. We stay as close to your network as possible. And we remain alert for software programs and innovations that can help keep you more efficient.

For example, we can set up your system so the day planners on your Mac or PC and on your phone are always in total sync with one another. Changes on one are instantly registered on another, so you’ll never double book. Large companies have this. Smaller companies generally don’t. Yours could.

Finally, you’ll like that we don’t talk “geekspeak.” We explain things in terminology you can easily understand. We focus on technology, but we communicate with people.

Our services can be divided in to three main areas


Has your computer frozen up?  Weak or intermittent WiFi?  Dropbox not syncing files? Finkeltron troubleshoots and remedies these and most other common technology problems.  We come to your home or business to diagnose and remedy the problem, usually within 24 hours.  However, some issues can also be remedied remotely, in which case this is also an option. We charge hourly for this type of work.

System Integrator

We are gettting more and more technologies to make our everyday lives more convenient and efficient, but it can sometimes be challenging to make our different gadgets work together for us.  Finkeltron specializes in helping its clients integrate various devices and applications, and the following are examples of commons client requests. 

How do I display a video on my phone on a projector? I want to securely share certain documents in my business with just one employee. I have a medical practice and want to display X-rays to my patients on a tablet. How does my architect in the field access CADD/Revit-drawings from the office on his laptop? I want to stream music to different rooms simultaneaously throughout my house.

Comprehensive Network Environment Monitoring

Finkeltron provides a comprehensive computer/network structuring and monitoring service, mainly for our business clients.  We design and build your office computer network which we can then monitor and maintain on an ongoing basis under our support agreement. 

The main components of this service includes: 
- Acquiring and installing required hardware.
- Installing applications and agents. - Monitor computer and network health.
- Monitor for virus and malware attacks.
- Scheduling and monitoring regular data backups. You pay a fixed monthly fee (based on your device count) for the on-going support agreement.

We regularly work on the following tasks and products:

* Remote Desktop, VPN (work from home)
* Data Backup/Data Recovery
* Expansion of WiFi coverage in homes and businesses
* Printer Installation
* VOIP (voice-over IP)
* Network cable installation 
* Firewalls and WiFi-routers
* Google Apps
*MIcrosoft Office 365
* Windows Desktop PCs and servers
* Apple computers

Line-of-Business Applications for which we regularly provide support:
* Quickbooks
* Dropbox
* Microsoft Office
* Dentrix
* Dexis
* Autodesk Design Suite

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